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3 important components for a successful relationship

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These strategies don’t apply to just romantic relationships. They can benefit relationships that you have with yourself, kids, friends, family your boss, or even co-workers. We have all sorts of different types of relationships so it’s important to know what the key components are to make them successful and long lasting.

Learn about yourself

A lot of people tend to point blame at other people when they are told things they don’t like to hear. When I ask them “what is the answer that you were looking for?” they aren’t able to tell me. Which proves my point. In order to know what to expect from other people, you must first learn about yourself. What type of person are you? What are things that you like? How do you like to spend your free time? We cannot change the world, our friends, family, or even our kids. They have a mind of their own. How you perceive yourself is how others will perceive and those are the types of relationships you will attract.

How do you learn about yourself?

Meditating is beneficial. Spending alone time with no distractions. Just you and your thoughts. I meditate every morning and I get in tune with my higher self, I learn more about myself everyday.

Clear Communication

Its so simple, and this is something that is so obvious, yet its one of the biggest challenges people face in their relationships. People are not mind readers. You are a person with a mind; thoughts, feelings, opinions and you are meant to be heard so speak up! People are too afraid of feeling judged about what it is that they really want to say. Say exactly what it is that is on your mind. Life is too short to not say how you really feel. Don’t forget, its not always about what you say – it’s how you say it, so keep that in mind when you’re communicating with someone.

Gain Respect

This to me is the most important out of all three, especially in romantic relationships. In our romantic relationships, people often think that love is good enough without realizing that love and respect are two completely different things. There are couples that love each other dearly yet go out and cheat. They don’t have respect for each other.

How do you gain respect from others? Respect yourself, people will vibe it. They know not to fuck around with you because you will not take their shit. There are good people out there who do what they can out of the kindness of their heart to help others, but there are people out there who take that kindness as weakness. Don’t let anyone disrespect you in any sort of relationship. This ties into my first strategy. Once you get to know yourself you will come up with things you as a person may be willing to compromise or things you will not tolerate. That is when you put your cards down and let the other person know your deal breakers. The other person will then know what they can or cannot do.

Apply these to all of your relationships.

To Sum Up:

3 important components for a successful relationship

  1. Learn about yourself
  2. Have clear communication
  3. Respect yourself & gain respect

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