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Leadership Coach and Motivational Speaker

Valery Molone - Leadership Coach and Motivational Speaker teaches her clients, leaders from all walks of life, how to be more and to achieve more through her own Mindset of Independence Method. Coach Molone’s unique life story is both empowering and inspirational, consequently she is able to speak into the hearts and minds of many!

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“Through my company, Universal Leadership Coaching, I provide my clients - the leaders from all walks of life - with life-changing, down-to-earth coaching techniques that will help them achieve more and be more. I teach them to break through their individual psychological blocks and shift their focus towards being ultimately powerful.”

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Meredith N

I’ve reconnected with my purpose and passion!

Since working with Valery, I’ve adopted a healthier mindset and been able to focus on what I really want. I’ve been able to let go of the “noise” of others telling me what I’m supposed to want, and become so much more accepting of myself! I’m learning how to value myself, and have reconnected with my purpose and passion! Valery’s down-to-earth style is refreshing, and her openness and willingness to share her journey inspires others to do the same. Valery is supportive and encouraging, and I would recommend this program to anyone who needs more inspiration, focus clarity, or encouragement!

Meredith N

Ginger S

Coach Molone rocks! What I like best about working with Coach Molone is after I got to know her I felt really comfortable speaking with her and when Valery talk’s it’s real. Very relatable! What I have achieved is a better peace of mind and being okay with moving forward and letting go of my past.

I would recommend Coach Molone because I personally have seen a handful of therapist and whenever I would tell the therapist “have you ever been through anything like this???” their answer would be “NO.” I find it hard to be able to give advice from what you learned through a book…… to actually experiencing it hands on. So, this is what is unique about Coach Molone. She have experienced it firsthand and knows exactly what it’s like. You rock and your story is inspirational!


Ginger S

Chantal C

Valery is a very kind and generous person. She is also a very insightful coach who helped me to see a way around a problem that I had. She made some really helpful, practical suggestions, that I was able to put into practice straight away, to make a start on resolving the issue. Thank you for your help!

Chantal C

Dawn S.

My session with Val increased my awareness. I began to take a look at my life and assess what wasn’t working and what needed to be changed. Val helped me focus on finding a solution instead of dwelling on my past mistakes and “bad” choices. She encouraged me to dig deep and find out what I really wanted, then helped me set some realistic and attainable goals. Her energetic and positive attitude is infectious and like none I’ve seen before. I couldn’t believe how fast she was able to turn things around for me.

Dawn S.

Melanie S.

I approached Valery Molone because I felt stuck and I needed a breakthrough in order to start living a healthy life. Valery helped me by getting me to understand the concept of a truly healthy life. Since then, I made exercising part of my life, without having to change my day-to-day routine. One thing I liked about her was that she didn’t just tell me to work out, eat healthy and sleep better. She explained to me why each of these things are important and not to look at the negativity. Valery has been life changing in the most positive way.

Melanie S.

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