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Engage Your
Inner Winner

Valery Molone is on a mission to help clients seek clarity and direction to reinvent their life, attain emotional balance, happiness, relaxation, stress reduction, and wellness outcomes. Coach Molone has personally overcome numerous struggles and aims to help others do the same.

Her vision is to become a symbol of independence and leadership, to cross boundaries, break down barriers and motivate people from all walks of life by sharing her victories over her struggles.

Valery Molone was a self-made success running two restaurants and living the American dream. However, she realized that whilst she was making a fortune she was losing herself due to being overworked. Courageously, she stepped away from her fortune and found her true self whilst meditating in India, traveling the world and changing her mindset altogether. She refused to let her background and tumultuous past define her future.

She is now on a mission to impact the new generations and to help them break through their barriers and become leaders both professionally and personally. Coach Molone teaches her clients how to be physically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually independent and empowered.

She has graduated the prestigious Robbins-Madanes Training – The Official Coach Training School of Anthony Robbins where she has been taught by the best in the industry. She offers Life, Leadership and Business individual coaching as well as various online programs centered on business, productivity, independence and relationships. She also tackles these topics on her podcast and answers questions on her online show’.

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