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Who is stopping you from being successful?

We know that the one thing getting in your way is YOU.

Your thinking, your values, your beliefs, your experiences and your perspectives all come together to form your current results. By honing in on your thinking. Are you feeling frustrated because you can smell the success, but you just haven’t been able to see any of it?  “We are what we repeatedly do. Is not an act, but a habit.” Realize that you are the total sum of your habits. If bad habits are allowed to take over, they will dramatically cripple your road to success. The challenge lies in the fact that bad habits are incredibly sneaky and will creep up on you extremely slowly. These toxic habits begin to cause damage without you being aware of it until sometimes it becomes a major issue. We all know success takes hard work and perseverance. But there’s another factor that’s often overlooked: mental and emotional strength. Like most positive traits, it comes more easily to some than to others, but anyone can work to develop it. To develop mental strength, you have to be willing to take a hard look at how you live your life so you can discover what you need to work on and what you need to let go of. Here are something’s that keeps you from becoming successful in life!
Self-abuse of the highest order, perfectionism is not a quest for the best but allowing yourself to be governed by the harshest voice in your head–the one that tells you you’ll never be good enough. Perfectionism doesn’t just hamper success but can also lead to anxiety, depression and paralysis of our best achievements.

Our lives, our success, our achievements are what we make of ourselves, so blaming others when things don’t go right is just wrong. Spend your time and energy fixing the problem instead of blaming others. Blame is just a lazy way of making sense of failures and mistakes.

Distraction is an ever-present temptation, waiting just a few steps or clicks away. But if you want to succeed you must starve your distractions and feed your focus. Instead of momentary enjoyment, learn the deep satisfaction that comes with maintaining steady action and getting things done. Don’t let the noise of the world keep you from hearing the voice of your own success.

If you’re afraid of failing, you’re most likely fearful to act. Fear is only the mind’s way of saying that there’s something important for you to overcome, so don’t allow it to stand in the way of your success. Risks and dangers are real, but fear is a choice. Overcome it and you can move forward stronger, wiser and smarter.
Safety: Most people will say they don’t regret the things they have done but the things they didn’t do when they had the chance; “oops” comes and goes but “if only…” does lasting damage. Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. If you want to succeed, take chances and be bold.

Hands down, procrastination is our favorite form of self-sabotage. Every day you spend procrastinating is another day spend worrying about what you need to get done, so that, as the saying goes you end up putting off until the day after tomorrow what should have be done the day before yesterday. Discipline yourself to banish procrastination and you will have taken a massive step toward success.
Lack of Belief: If you have ever watched a movie called The Secret, you know how important your inner belief is. Belief believes that your goals have already been achieved and it’s just a matter of time before you achieve them. The greatest minds in history have been successful through all adversity thanks to their untouchable beliefs. Stop doubting you and your goals. If you really believe in something and want to achieve it, develop a strong mindset. Be grateful for your achievements along the way and live your life around those goals. Believe you have achieved it and it is just a matter of when the rewards come to you.

You Think Failure is Final:
Failure is something all success stories have had to deal with at some point of time. The attitude with which you tackle failure is extremely crucial to your success. Failure is not final and it’s just an opportunity to learn. Learn why you failed and embrace it. Failure doesn’t define you as a person or business, it’s just an event that happened at a time and place.
Willing to Settle for Anything Less:
Successful people set goals and refuse to settle for anything but what they wanted initially. Imagine what would have happened to the world if some of the best athletes, musicians, and entrepreneurs were willing to settle for less. What would happen if NFL teams were willing to settle for conference championships instead of Super bowls? Do not change your images of success. Change your plan of action if anything. Do not settle for anything less than what you initially planned. No goal is impossible or crazy; it just takes perspiration and serious determination to succeed.

You Spend Too Much Time on Facebook:
I know you need to be on Facebook for your business; we all do. The problem is that you’re not using it for business; you’re mindlessly thumbing through updates that make no difference to your life, falling victim to one of the biggest time sucks known to man. But of course, I’m not just talking about Facebook here…you know your social network of choice. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, or even MySpace (you know who you are). According to research by Social Media Examiner, 62% of marketers are on social media for 6 hours or more per week, and a whopping 17% are on more than 20 hours per week. And in case you’re saying, ‘but I’m not a marketer!’ Well, you’re not off the hook. Other research shows that the average American user spends 3+ hours on social networking each day. That’s a lot of time you’re never going to get back.

You Think You’re Working Hard. But You Aren’t:
I’m really proud of you for putting in your 8-10 hours a day! I really am. The problem is that breaks, interruptions and distractions are actually eating away a HUGE chunk of your day. Way more than you even realize. Have you ever used Rescue Time to measure how productive your day actually is? This software program measures the amount of time you spend in each software program throughout your day. It’s easy to think you’re working hard, but if you actually track how and where you’re spending your time online, you may be surprised at what gets revealed. Is there something you dream of doing one day? Maybe a side business you’ve been working on here or there? What do you do when the workday ends? Do you spend your evenings on the couch watching TV? That’s time you could be spending working on your business idea, side project or personal brand that could one day become your full-time job. If you have a dream, invest your most valuable personal asset – your time – and that dream could come to fruition way sooner than you ever thought possible.

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