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Tips for Entrepreneurs to Reduce Stress While Growing Their Business

Starting a business of your own is incredibly exciting. It can also be stressful, however. As Habit Growth reveals, there is a real risk of entrepreneurial burnout if you don’t take care of yourself. This is even more true in the age of COVID-19, which presents unique challenges for business owners.

Business and life coaching from Valery Molone can help you balance work and private life, ensuring you don’t get overwhelmed by stress while starting and growing your business. There are also simple everyday habits you can adopt to reduce stress and minimize the risk of burnout as an entrepreneur in COVID-19 times. The below guide can help get you started.

Outsource tasks that aren’t in your area of expertise.

Many small business owners want to do it all themselves. Trying to juggle every task will quickly leave you drained, however. When you’re focusing on admin burdens, you are also losing time you could spend devoting to your core business competencies. Enterprise League highlights the surprising advantages of outsourcing, like improving cost-efficiency. It doesn’t have to be pricey — online platforms allow you to find affordable virtual personal assistants you can work with safely without worrying about social distancing.

Save yourself the hassle by establishing your company as a formal legal entity.

Set the groundwork for streamlined business operations by establishing your company as a legal entity. This can create tax advantages and save you money, reducing financial worries. Accounting Today breaks down the pros and cons of different entities, from corporations to limited liability companies. An LLC is a smart choice as it is easy to set up and requires less paperwork. Look up how to form an LLC in your state, as regulations vary by location. A business formation service can make the setup process easier.

Make working out a networking opportunity.

If you’re struggling with stress as an entrepreneur, one of the best things you can do is exercise. The Mayo Clinic states that exercise is effective at relieving stress. It also boosts immune function, helping to keep you healthy during a public health crisis.

If you’re tight on time, transform your workout into a networking opportunity. Networking is essential to entrepreneurial success, according to All Business. To really maximize this idea, consider setting up an exercise group for entrepreneurs in your area. Organizing events like this is an effective way to raise your profile and connect with others. You can workout outside to maintain social distance and mitigate COVID-19 concerns.

Try mindfulness meditation to tackle stress and improve productivity.

Mindfulness meditation is another proven stress-buster worth exploring if you’re an entrepreneur. This practice requires you to focus your attention inwards on the present moment, shutting out worries about the past or future. According to Monday Productivity, mindfulness can also enhance concentration and improve productivity at work. If you’ve never tried mindfulness meditation before, there are many free tools available to help. Check out these free guided scripts from Mindfulness Exercises to get started.

Set aside time for self-care every day.

According to The Boss Project, setting aside some time for self-care can make life as a busy entrepreneur easier. It helps to reduce stress, improves clarity and creativity, and boosts productivity. Make time for self-care in your daily schedule, even if just for 20 minutes, and make a list of activities you can do during this time. Possibilities include mindfulness exercises, sipping a cup of tea, and stretching. You can also try using this time to focus on positive mantras. As Valery explains, your beliefs directly impact your success. Embracing positivity through mantras can help improve your mood and bust stress.

Running your own business is supposed to be fun. You finally get to be your own boss! Don’t let stress get in the way of this experience. Follow the above tips to keep calm.

If you’re still struggling with stress, Valery Molone can help you find ways to manage anxiety as an entrepreneur — while still growing a thriving business. Schedule a consultation.

This article was written bu Julie Morris.

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