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How to Feel and Look Your Best While Navigating the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on everyone in some way, which is why it’s important to take special care of yourself. Boost both your mental and physical health by eating well, exercising, and maybe even getting a new budget-friendly outfit to help you look and feel your best. Whether you’re staying close to home or meeting up with a friend safely, life coach Valery Molone offers the following advice so you can stay as healthy as possible during these uncertain times.

Focus on mental health

From self-isolation to worrying about being high risk for COVID-19, the pandemic has been especially hard for everyone stuck at home. Over time, feelings of anxiety and depression are easily stoked. One simple way to focus on mental health is to keep your surroundings as comforting and tranquil as possible. Clutter and disorganization can often increase stress and anxiety, so it pays to keep your surroundings as tidy as possible at all times.

Eating well

One of the best ways to look after both your physical and mental health is by eating nutritious foods every day. While eating well can sometimes be costly, keep in mind some low-cost staples that can help you create a healthy meal with what’s probably already in your cupboards.

For example, soup and sandwiches are great meals for both lunch and dinner. Soup is low cost and easy to keep stored away in your pantry. Pair it with a healthy sandwich and you’ll have a well-balanced meal that will be ready in no time.

Another great, nutritious meal option is skillet rice, made from frozen vegetables and the grains you may have in your pantry. For a healthy choice, opt for whole grain rice, but quinoa, barley, or couscous will also be great for you. You can add eggs if you want a boost of protein.

Exercise daily

As you start to eat healthier meals, be sure to also incorporate exercise into each day. There are plenty of exercises that can be enjoyed from home, such as HIIT workouts, yoga, pilates, bodyweight routines and more.

If you’ve never done yoga before, there are online guides that can help you get started. The important thing to keep in mind is to go slow as you’re learning — some poses may feel difficult at first, but over time, you’ll become more confident.

Walking is also a great way to exercise, and it’s low-impact. Not only will you get fresh air, but you’ll also get a cardiovascular workout, which is great for heart health and your mood. Walking can even be a great activity to do with others, allowing you to reconnect with your friends safely.

Along with helping you elevate your physical health, exercise will do wonders for your mental health. Incorporating exercise into your routine will relieve stress, improve your memory, and help you sleep better. Additionally, getting some extra vitamin D every day will boost your immune system, making you more resistant to contracting viruses.

Look your best

Along with feeling your best, looking your best is also likely to boost your overall well-being. One way you can do this is to splurge on new skincare or makeup products. To keep costs down, look to stores like Target or Ulta where you can easily find savings, especially if you use online coupons, promo codes, and cashback offers on products you’ve been eying.

Finding and incorporating healthy ways to navigate the pandemic can enhance your overall well-being and help you look and feel great. With no timeline on how long the pandemic will play out, taking steps toward self-care will not only benefit you now, but long into the future.

If you can use additional help achieving your personal and professional goals to feel your best, consider working with life coach Valery Molone.

This article was written by Cheryl Conklin. 


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