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Your thoughts can lead you to either success or failure

There are so many changes happening in the world we live in and our society:

Climate change, Economic change, and Conflict change. No-good nor bad, it simply means that we don’t have the right blueprints to navigate through these changes. Some of us are having a hard time with these changes, so we go back to what we know from the past because it feels more familiar. Some people are just waiting for things to go back to normal, while others just hope that religion, spirituality, or science will give them an answer to all of these changes that are happening.

The young generation finds they lost in all of this because they are not getting the clear answers from our past wise wisdom, which is history (that has been repeats itself) and as a result human’s somehow find a way to survive. We all heard of history repeats itself! We all know that we have the ability, technology, and the power to change the climate, bring back the economic revolution to normal, and accept the diversity change. So why aren’t we doing it and what are we waiting for? One of the biggest thing’s we are all missing is how to train our mind with our new thoughts, familiarize our feelings with the new changes and realizing that this is the new normal.

Global warming is already having significant effects on our communities, health, and climate. Sea level is rising, the numbers of wildfires are increasing, dangerous heat waves are becoming more common, extreme storm events are increasing in many areas and more severe droughts are occurring in certain areas. Global warming occurs when carbon dioxide, other air pollutants and greenhouse gasses gets collected in the atmosphere and absorb sunlight and solar radiation that have bounced off the earth’s surface.

Normally, this radiation would escape into space—but these pollutants, which can last for years to centuries in the atmosphere, trap the heat and cause the planet to get hotter. The good news is that we have the practical solutions at hand to dramatically reduce our carbon emissions, slow the pace of global warming, and pass on a healthier, safer world to future generations.
How can you take the best control of your mind into the reality of life?

I myself experience this feeling 20 years ago when I came to this country. The culture shock itself was enough to make me feel like this was the end of the world for me. I grew up with very little education, poverty, and didn’t have the luxury or the opportunities as a woman to make a decision for myself or for my children. I got exposed to a world of freedom, opportunity, and safety. It took me 22 years to get used to all these changes and to learn how I could take control of the mind into reality of life. One of the most important things that helped me stay

Calm about my fear of change was mediation, which I now do every day. Meditation is the process of stopping our thoughts or trying to empty or mind, both of these approaches only create stress and create noisier internal chatter. We can’t stop or control our thoughts, but we can decide how much attention to give them. Through meditation we can find the quiet that already exists in the space between thoughts that is pre-consciousness, pure silence, and pure peace. If you meditate on a regular basis, you will spend more and more time in this state of expanded awareness and silence.

The process of changing your mind is to break some habits and create new thoughts, because as humans, we have the habit to act from the same behaviors from the past.

We have this inherited power to make our identity, our beliefs, values, religion, spirituality, and the environment of who we are. Your brain is organized to record everything in your life from the past so your environment controls your emotions, which create the thoughts.
I believe in a social spirituality, where people express and experience in different ways and for different reasons.

  • Creating the change you want to see in yourself or your world
  • Developing a sense of who you’re authentic or true self is and the values you want to live by
  • Taking time and space to think about what’s important to you. You may do this by walking your dog sitting in a quiet spot that you find beautiful to connect with environment and world around you.
  • Meditating/or yoga
  • Reading books about alternative ways of finding about your beliefs, vaules, and happiness.
  • Development of a purpose in life
  • Ability to spend reflective time along
  • Have a clear sense of right and wrong, and act accordingly
  • Caring and acting for the welfare of others and environment
  • Being able to practice forgiveness and compassion in life

The human spirit is the most neglected aspect of ourselves. Just as we exercise to condition our bodies, a healthy spirit is nurtured by purposeful practice. The spirit is the aspect of ourselves that can carry us through anything. If we take care of our spirit, we will be able to experience a sense of peace and purpose even when life deals us a severe blow. A strong spirit helps us to survive and thrive with grace, even in the face of difficulty.

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