You Can Always Rise Above Anything That You Have Gone Through

Joining me today is Carolyn Devito. Her involvement in the beauty industry goes back as far as childhood

30 years plus working in Salons, starting from Shampoo assistant working herself up to elite stylist then owning and operating successful high-end Salons & Spas on Long Island for now 20 years.

Carolyn’s first Salon launch in 1998 soon lead her to having several Salons & Spas all over Long Island – Erika Cole Salon & Spa Raquel named after her three children.

In this episode we cover:

1. What lead Carolyn to the Beauty industry and what does she love about it ?

2. How did Carolyn get through all her lows?

3. What advice would she give to women that are listening right now that are struggling and feeling like there’s no way out?

4. What are some Carolyn passions?

*** I would love to know in the comments below what helped you the most, either from this episode or in your own journey.

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