The Significance of Self-Compassion to Heal Your Body - Valery Molone

The Significance of Self-Compassion to Heal Your Body

Joining me today is Dr. Ji Soon Min. She is a Canadian licensed Naturopathic Doctor. As a women’s health expert she helps women beat the bloat, lose stubborn weight, have caffeine-free energy by balancing their hormones naturally. Through educational talks, her transformational healthcare model as well as her signature Hormone Reset Detox program and Immune Booster course, she continues to develop innovative ways to help women and their families leverage the power of natural medicine to better their health and their quality of lives. She truly believes that when we love and nourish ourselves, we can live vibrantly and love abundantly.

In this episode we cover:

1. What is the purpose or the significance of self compassion when it comes to healing our body?

2. How does the lack of self compassion affect women’s hormones? (menopause?)

3. How does this affect our immune system?

4. What is your prescription for patients who may be stuck in their healing journey?

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