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Are You Ready
for a New Life?

"Change" doesn't have to be bad. It can be an opportunity to reevaluate your life. It's a chance to pause and spend time and energy figuring out what's meaningful to you!

Valery Molone offers unique top life coaching, career coaching, and wellness coaching services. Throughout her years of practice as a life coach, she combined her middle-eastern traditions and a wealth of resources complemented by Tony Robbin's mentorship along with her trial-and-error approach to understand what it takes to achieve new dimensions of stress-free living and joyful living.

Each service is uniquely designed to the client's specific needs and therefore does not practice one-size-fits-all coaching.

Valery Molone coaching services are always personalized because every client has a different background, life and career experience, challenges, and goals.

Why coaching?


Figure out your values and align your life to them.


Overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals.


Get over fears and change your job or habits.


Breathe, relax, and become content with your world.

Products and services

  1. One-on-One Coaching
  2. Business Coaching
  3. Online Courses
  4. Motivational Speaking Services
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Ready to take the opportunity to reevaluate your life?

Life Coaching

Life coaching can identify where you are in the process and figure out how best to embark on your life's next chapter to achieve the life you've always dreamed of having!
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Business Coaching

Business coaching can help you achieve your business & leadership goals during this increasingly shifting world to become the leader you want to be!
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Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching is a personalized approach to practice healthy habits daily to achieve better physical and mental health outcomes.
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