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Valery Molone always dreamt of making something of herself in spite of her humble and unfortunate beginnings. As a child she was constantly abused both physically and emotionally by her numerous foster parents in her home country. Being sold, battered and tormented throughout early adulthood, she decided to stop being a victim and change the course of her life forever when she first laid eyes on her two daughters.

She moved to America where she had no acquaintances, no education and did not know the language. After a long period of struggle because of severe depression and constant ridicule she again tapped into her inner power and decided to offer her children the life she never had. She tapped into her inner independence and decided to live her life on her own terms and to become a self-centered individual who leads from a place of intention.

Coach Molone’s unique life story is both empowering and inspirational, consequently she is able to speak into the hearts and minds of many!