How To Create Sustainable Healthy Habits

Joining us in this episode is Shannon Swanson!

Shannon is a health coach based in Oregon. A former therapist for over 20 years, She teaches women how to create sustainable healthy habits and a resilient mindset to harness the confidence to create the healthy lifestyle they’ve always wanted. She also specializes in thyroid and hormone health.

In this episode we cover:

>> Shannon’s story on how the imbalance of her thyroid affected her life personally & professionally
>> The importance of thyroid and hormone balance in your health
>> What tests to ask your doctor for when it comes to thyroid and hormone balance
>> One strategy you can practice to create a healthy habit

You can find Shannon’s website here:
and you can follow her on instagram @shannoneswanson

As I always say “It’s important to connect your mind with your body in order to create healthy habits and enjoy life fully.”

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