How to be more confident in your decision-making!

→ Are you afraid of making the wrong choice?

→ Do you find yourself rejecting your own dreams before you’ve even had a chance to explore them?

→ Struggling with self-doubt and feeling conflicted about what you really want in life?

Joining me today is Amy Young She left the cooperate world 💼 and is now the Founder and CEO of Redefine Possibility, a media platform and coaching service for successful career women who long to lead a more purpose driven life. 👩‍💻❤️

In this episode we cover:

>> What made Amy leave the corporate world?

>> Why Amy is very focused on energy when it comes to her coaching practice and the work she have done to bring more positive energy into her own life.

>> Her community is called “Full Bucket Life”. Why did she start this and why does she feel it is important now?

>> What’s the most important piece of advice Amy has to offer to women so they can be more confident in their decision-making?

***Have you ever struggled to listen to your heart instead of your head??? I would love to know in the comments below 🙂

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