How to be a positive role model

Hey there!

Today, I want to talk about role models 🙂

Before I do, I want to know… who do you most admire in your life?

Positive role models influence our actions and motivate us to strive to uncover our true potentials and overcome our weakness.

Having role models in our lives pushes us to make the most of our life! It is a living person who proved that the life of your dream is possible.

If you don’t have one, that’s ok! It’s never too late to have a role model!

Listen to this episode where I talk about:
>> What it means to be a role model?
>> Some strategies I share on how to be a great role model!

Tell me in the comments below: What’s one insight you’re taking away from today’s episode and what’s a specific action you can take now to put it into practice?

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