Cultivate Greater Mindfulness Through Sound Healing Experiences - Valery Molone

Cultivate Greater Mindfulness Through Sound Healing Experiences

Joining me today is Ada Ketchie and Nathan Getzin who are alchemists of the human heart, helping people cultivate greater mindfulness, healing, and self-actualization through the ineffable power of music. As co-founders of Wakes they use their expertise as musicians, storytellers, yoga teachers, healers, and coaches to create experiences that offer radical transformation of mind, body and spirit. Their mission is to help people heal what hurts, grow thriving relationships, and awaken to true and lasting presence, purpose, and resilience. They do this by creating immersive sound healing experiences, meditations, intimate concerts, retreats, individual and group coaching, and providing online resources and support.

In this episode we cover:

→ How did Ada and Nathan started their meditation journey

→ Why people should meditate

→ What’s the difference between meditating with and without meditation music

→How can meditation music heal the soul?

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