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4 ways to Lower stress for maintaining a peaceful home!

Creating a stress-free and soothing home environment can mean hiring a contractor to install serious soundproofing or a spa-worthy steam shower — pricey upgrades that are likely to add property value. But just as often, it’s about simple things you can do without laying out a cent.

Pray before you leave your room each morning.
I simply can’t create a more peaceful home without God’s help. Before even attempt to step foot past out of your bedroom door, learn to pray.  Ask God for wisdom and perspective to be personally at peace and to create a more peaceful home.

Place a small vase in every room
Keep fresh flowers all over the house no matter how messy the house is, they add a touch of beauty and serenity, and it’s a cheaper solution than you think. I buy one bouquet at the supermarket and divide it into small bunches. Even the process of changing out the flowers weekly has become its own calming ritual.

Go on a TV Diet
Take the TV out of the main living space. There’s nothing tranquility-inducing about blaring commercials or the evening news. Consider eliminating all but one TV for the household. Put it out of the way, where flicking it on won’t be an automatic gesture, and feel your home’s peace vibe rise.

Light it Right
Overhead lighting can be glary and unflattering, whereas light at lower levels creates warmth and intimacy. Balance an overhead fixture with wall sconces and table lamps — and be sure to put that ceiling fixture on a dimmer, especially over a dining table.

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