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3 ways you can get a better pay that you deserve in your job!

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I have worked in so many different places, in so many different fields, both as an employee and an employer. Today, I am going to speak to you from both of these perspectives. First and foremost, its important that whatever it is that you’re doing, you must work somewhere you love being and a place you feel comfortable being yourself. Your job is your home away from home; it’s where most of us spend our time.

You should be able to wake up in the morning without having to hit the snooze button a million times dreading to head to work. Instead, be able to tell yourself “I love my job, I do something that helps others, and I cant wait to learn more today”

Make yourself more valuable
  1. Build the Skills / Valuing yourself

Lets face it; the main reason we work is to make money. Everyone wants to make a lot of money; usually we feel we deserve more than we are getting paid.

But ask yourself this: is the work you do valued at the amount of money you think you deserve? Do you possess the skill sets that match the salary you want? It’s a hard question to ask you, but being honest with what your capable of and how you value yourself is the first step.

This is why getting proper training is so beneficial. Even if you are in the same field and doing the exact same job itself, the environment, people and expectations are different at every company. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for training, because that will add value on top of what you already know. Keep an open mind and understand that there is no cap on knowledge and what you can learn. Whether you’re a new employee or you have been at your current job for years. Keep learning, ask questions, and familiarize yourself with the company and your co-workers. Training will put you in a better position than a co-worker that just puts in their 8 hours for a paycheck at the end of the week. I always tell my kids, anything you do in life, give it 120%, no matter what it is.

  1. Be Flexible

A lot of people are so structured and wont work a minute past their set schedule. It’s okay to stay a little late or come in a little earlier. Because when there is a time that you are running late to work and you are so set on being their at a certain time, it throws off your entire day and effects your performance mood for the day. This is something I guarantee your managers and boss will recognize. It shows that you care enough to put in a little more work when necessary to get the job done.

Effective Communication

You have a voice, learn to communicate. Often times, employees are afraid to speak up about certain ideas that they have because they feel they aren’t being paid well enough to be sharing their great ideas that could benefit their company for free. But when you do this, your employer will see you as a high value employee and see that you do have a lot to bring to the table. I’ve received some of the most creative ideas from my own staff. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

People also are so afraid of being embarrassed when it comes to asking questions. Asking questions is crucial when it comes to learning. I love when my co-workers come and ask me questions because it shows me that they care enough about their position to do it right to the best of their ability.

Proof of Work

Lets flip the coin and speak from the perspective of the employer. I have my own company, and this is something that I expect from my employees.

Have a list of your responsibilities. Don’t try to be the office hero and help other people with their projects / workload before getting your own work done. If you don’t know what your duties are for the day, don’t be afraid to speak to upper management to get a list. As you complete your tasks, check them off. This way, you have proof of exactly what you did and that you got everything done. A written list is much more effective than a verbal one. You may be asked to do something verbally and forget to do it because you have so many other things going on, or your boss may expect you to do something but forgot to ask you because they have so much going on.

Reminder: It’s important to back up this list of your responsibilities on somewhere besides your work computer. The servers belong to the company, and if by accident it gets deleted or the computer crashes, so will all your proof of work. Protect yourself and have everything in writing in a safe secure place.

To Sum Up: Here are the 3 strategies that you should consider when asking for a pay raise in your job

  1. Make yourself valuable!
  2. Practice effective communication with your manager, boss, & co-workers!
  3. Have proof that you did your job!

These steps all go hand in hand. Try these out next time you plan on asking for a raise, and I guarantee you, you will be pleasantly surprised about the outcome of the conversation you have with your employer.

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