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What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else?


A winning mindset!!!

Like success in business, it isn’t handed to you. You have to build a winning mindset over time. Your mindset is your own personal way to see the world. It is what you believe is and isn’t possible. It is the numerous assumptions that you have about the world and how it “should” be. It is what you define as “realistic” for you right now. As you change your beliefs, your field of possibility will expand, sometimes dramatically.


Get yourself a “growth mindset”.

A growth mindset can be categorized as either “growth” or “fixed.” People with fixed mindsets believe their talents and traits are basically unchangeable, whereas people with growth mindsets believe their talents can be cultivated with effort.

mindsetis a self-perception or “self-theory” that people hold about themselves. Believing that you are either “intelligent” or “unintelligent” is a simple example of a mindset. People may also have a mindset related their personal or professional lives— “I’m a good teacher” or “I’m a bad parent,” for example. People can be aware or unaware of their mindsets. Alternatively, “In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.

Cultivate curiosity

Curiosity is the expression of the urge to learn and acquire facts and knowledge. It widens the mind and opens it to different opinions, different lifestyles and different topics. The mind of curious people is active. They want to know and to understand. This puts them in a better position to learn a job and do it better and more creatively, unlike a person who lacks curiosity.

Being intensely curious is a massive part of success. Look at the most successful people today and this is a common trait you will find across all of them. Cultivating a curiosity mindset requires that you ask lots of questions, learn new skills wherever you can, and search for the silver lining in failure. You walk into new challenges, just to see if there’s some value to extract. You need curiosity to spot the opportunities that others won’t see and ultimately, to lead a fulfilling life.

Be optimistic

Healthy optimism looks for opportunities to cultivate a positive outlook while acknowledging that the reality of the situation is achievable. That means telling yourself that you will do well on your presentation at work even though you haven’t prepared and need to present in fifteen minutes.

We can’t be positive all the time but taking on an optimistic mindset is still worthwhile. Life rewards people who delay gratification and grind away at tasks. Without an optimistic mindset, you’re bound to give up early and often. You need to believe that the journey is worthwhile. It takes more than just thinking positive to adopt an optimistic mindset. It involves avoiding excessive negativity (like what can often be found on the evening news) and surrounding yourself with other optimists.

The reality is that we get one shot at life. A great mindset is the essential ingredient to a successful life. These successful habits will teach you to maintain an optimal mindset, regardless of the situation you find yourself in.



As soon as you wake up, start thinking about what you want to accomplish with the expectation that it will actually happen. Visualize yourself at the end of the day having achieved everything on your list


The most successful optimists never forget what they have to be thankful for. Start each morning with a positive frame of mind which gives you comfort knowing that you will have a wonderful foundation to build upon every day–no matter what may happen.


Find quick distractions you can use when you realize you’re stuck on the same negative thought, try activities that demand your full attention: Go to a yoga class (or a kickboxing or aerobics class, where you have to commit fully to avoid falling on your face.

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